Icing On The Cake & SprinkleBakes Book Giveaway Winner

So a couple of things...we didn't heard back from our winner of that gorgeous macaron print, so we choose a new winner at random, congratulations Ceilidh!! Send us a quick email at icingdesigns@hotmail.com with your address and we will have the print sent off to you! 

Secondly, the winner of the SprinkleBakes book is ...Baking Love!! Congratulations we will  be in touch with you to get your address! You will LOVE this book!! 

Now onto a little Icing on the Cake

really, really want these!
do you love vintage, purple and ombre...if so you will love this!
how much fun are these pencils!?!
these french pastries are so yummy and a perfect treat for summer!
this would definitely help your kids eat their vegetables, how adorable!
so excited that this shop will soon have a children's collection!
these diy pop up place cards are so much fun!
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Have a sweet weekend!
Melissa and Kellie

photo via here


Pâtisserie Paris said...

Thank you so much girls! Can't wait to receive my macaron print :)

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