DIY ombre tissue paper flowers

As promised we are back today to share with you how to make the diy ombre tissue paper flowers! Our diy corespondent Katie actually showed us how to make a larger version of these flowers for a baby shower we are doing later this month. We thought it would be really cute to scale them down and use a pink ombre color scheme and top mini cupcakes with them! They are so easy to make you will not believe it!

glue gun/glue
tooth pick
4 shades of tissue paper

Just take the same color tissue paper {2 of each color} that we used for the diy ombre tissue paper poms and cut 4x4 squares. Lay the squares of tissue paper on top of each other in color order from dark to light and cut the tissue paper into a circle. Simply punch a small circle in the center. {Be sure to use a punch with a small diameter circle} Take your toothpick and add a small dab of hot glue, starting with the lightest color {in this case white} start layering the tissue onto the toothpick until you have all of the colors on. You may need to add some more glue as you start layering.

After all of your tissue is securely on the toothpick just start to bunch the tissue. Repeat this with all of the layers until you have yourself a little flower! These look adorable in mini cupcakes and you can make them as big or small as you want them.


Connie @ Daydream In Color said...

This is so cute! Perfect for spring.

Pamela said...

oh gosh.. everything is going Ombre.. my nails, my cake.. and how the cupcake toppers too.. amazing!

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