Vintage Frames and Letter Garlands

One of our most popular items in our shop is our letter garlands! They are so versatile and can be used for so many occasions from birthday parties to weddings and they come in any color combination you can dream of! We love creating them for our customers. They are really special because after they are used for an event they can be hung in a child's room or kept as a special keepsake!

We LOVE estate sales and thrift shops where we search for vintage items that we can use for our business and our homes! Last year we came across these awesome vintage frames...they only had two so we made a deal and each snagged one!! We thought about making them into trays or chalkboard frames. But, Kellie came up with the cutest idea...she made one of our letter garlands with her daughter's name and hung it in the frame! We loved the way it looked! She is going to use it as part of the decor for Leela's birthday party and then display in it her room when the party is over! We thought we would share some photos with you of how it turned out!


P√Ętisserie Paris said...


On another note...will you be having a new Christmas collection this year? If so, when will it be coming out? *excited*

Anonymous said...

Hey Ceilidh!!! YES we will be have lots of surprises in store ;) WE wil also be re-releasing last years French Christmas as well! All should be out early next week!!!

Anonymous said...

It is not DIY if you have to purchase the items from your store. Other bloggers have a DIY section available to HELP with tutorials or instructions. Not take their money.

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