Rainbow Week: DIY Rainbow Princess Crowns

To continue with our rainbow week...we are excited to share with you the cutest DIY princess crowns! When Siena told Katie she wanted a "Rainbow Princess" birthday party, she thought all of her little friends needed rainbow crowns to wear! You can leave these plain, or have the kids decorate them with jewels for a fun party craft!

X-acto Knife (you can use scissors if you don't have one of these)
White sticky back felt
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, felt (or any colors you choose for your rainbow!)

Download and print crown template here and cut it out
Trace crown on the back of the sticky back felt and cut it out

Place pattern on the top of the piece of felt and cut out a rectangle to the appropriate size, leaving a little overlap on the top. Repeat this for each color. You can put the colors in any order you wish.

Peel the backing off of the sticky felt and place each piece of colored felt on top. Be sure to line up the bottom edge and fit colors as close together as possible. Turn your crown over and trim the colored felt along the edges of the crown.
Turn your crown over and trim the colored felt along the edges of the crown.
Using an X-acto knife (or scissors) cut a small slit on each side of the crown.
Cut two pieces of ribbon about 18" each. You can adjust length of ribbon depending on the child's head size, but leave plenty of extra to tie in a bow. Thread ribbon through the slits and tie in a knot.
Find a little princess to wear the crown!


Tonya Steward said...

These are great! Here is the address for a Rainbow Party Table post I made for a local parents' blog. http://triadmomsonmain.com/_blog/My_Blog/post/Birthday_Party_Theme_Idea_Do-It-Yourself!/#comments

Love your work!

Anonymous said...

So cute! I love these :) Pinned :)

Anonymous said...

random question, but, where did you find that decoration behind the crown, I love it!

Unknown said...

cant downdload this template. please help

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