Fairies Fairies Everywhere Week: DIY Fairy Ribbon Rings

Continuing with our fairy week, we would love to share a project for little fairy ribbon rings that we cmade for the little girls. This project is incredibly simple and the little ones just love them! It was so magical to see the girls running around the yard wearing their fairy wings and shaking their ribbon rings! We displayed rings in an apothecary jar on the sweet table, but these would be a great project for the little ones to make themselves at the party too!

wooden ring
glue gun/glue
ribbon (colors of your choice) try to use all different colors, lenghts and textures of ribbon

Take your wooden ring and the color ribbon of your choice that you would like to use as the base color and simply wrap the ring with it. As you get to the end add a dot of glue from the glue gun to secure the end. If you feel like the ribbon is not secure as you are wrapping it, just add some more dots of glue to hold the ribbon in place.

Then just take all different lengths of multi-colored and textured ribbon and tie them onto the ring. The rings look great if you really vary the lengths of the ribbon.

You can tie as many ribbons on as you want but make sure there is some empty space for the little ones to hold on to!


Vanessa said...

Great idea for a birthday party!

Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Hi..Did you buy or made the lovely giant flowers on the celing? They are beautiful:

Unknown said...

This is too cute! I totally had to add it to my featured gift idea for little girls this holiday season. Awesome crafts you guys have here!!

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