DIY Rosette Lollipop Topiaries

We are so excited to share our rosette lollipop topiaries with you! We hope you will find these step by step instructions easy to follow! Have fun with them. If you decide to make them send us some pictures we would love to see them!!!

All you need for the lollipops are 2 12x12 sheets of your favorite paper, an 10 inch cake board, ribbon, a dowel rod, a decorative center piece (we used a mini ornament) scissors and a glue gun. For the base we just used a mini clay pot, white spray paint, a styrofoam ball and paper garland.

To begin, take one of the 12x12 pieces of paper, turn it over so the printed side is down, place your cake circle down and trace it. Make sure you place your circle at a corner of the paper that you have extra paper to make a rosette out of.

After you cut out the circle you should also have a strip left over...

Cut the left over strip so that it is an even rectangle, then make an accordion fold...

Take the other sheet of paper and cut it into 4 even strips. Accordion fold each strip.

At this point you can glue the paper that you cut into a circle onto the cake board.
Take your four strips that have been accordion folded and glue the ends together so that you have one long strip.

Cut out a little square of paper and set aside. Take the strips and glue the ends of the paper together to form the rosettes. Do this with the larger strip of paper and then again with the smaller strip. Turn the rosettes over and glue the little square of paper into the center, this will help hold the rosette together and keep it from popping up.

Now that your rosettes are formed you can glue the larger one into the middle of the circle. When that is dry go ahead and glue the smaller rosette onto the larger one. At this point you can glue the decorative piece of your choice into the center of the smaller rosette.

Take a strip of ribbon, make a bow and glue it onto the bottom of the circle.

Wilton makes 12" wooden dowel rods, we used these to glue onto the back of the circle to make the lollipop! The last part is just to spray paint your clay pot white. We just glued some decorative paper garland around the top to make it a little more festive. Pop the little styrofoam ball in the pot and then just stick your lollipop in!

We added a few glass stones onto the top just to hide the styrofoam and give the pot a little balance.

If you have any questions while you are working on your rosette lollipop topiaries just email us, we will do what we can to help!


Frog Prince Paperie said...

What a neat project--I can think of several places to use these already. Thanks for sharing!


Andrea Boudewijn said...
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Alicia Clinton said...

wow how pretty! love it!

Melissa said...

totally looooove these...we have finished kids bdays for the year in our house{but not mine!}- but we make cupcakes every week- this is going to be lovely fun!
thanks...jumped on your following list-
melissa :)

Socialize said...
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Socialize said...

Wow! I love these and the rosettes you made for the wall the same party. I wouldn't be surprised if they become the new tissue poms! Thanks for the great tutorial.

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