10 July 2013

DIY Confetti Window Treat Bags

Oh how we love confetti, we could probably incorporate it into every single DIY we do and photo we take!
It just screams celebration and is totally appropriate for well, every festive occasion! These simple confetti window treat bags are super simple and they can be filled with anything from more confetti to popcorn to candy! You can embellish them any way you want to as well, festooning at the top makes them look even more festive or glue sequence around the opening to add some shimmer! How fun would it be to give mini bags filled with confetti to wedding guests to throw at the bride and groom!?! Celebrations can happen at anytime so its always good to keep some confetti handy!  

Paper party bags of your choice 
Contact paper
festooning {optional} 
sequence {optional} 
Filling of your choice 
{more confetti, popcorn, candy, little toys, etc}

1. Take your party bag and trace a circle {size of your choice}. We traced a ribbon spool and cut out the circle. 

2. Use the same sized ribbon spool to trace an additional circle on a piece of your contact paper. 
Cut it out. Take off the paper backing so the sticky side is up.

3. If you don't have pre made confetti you can simple make your own with various colored papers and a hole punch. 

4. Sprinkle your confetti all over the sticky part of your contact paper.

5. Cut an additional circle out of the contact paper, larger than the circle that you already created so that there is hang over. 

6. Take off the paper baking of your new circle and stick it on top of your confetti covered circle. {So the sticky part of the confetti circle and the sticky part of the new cirlce are touching each other} Again, there will be hang over from the new circle. This will stick to the inside of your bag to secure the confetti window.

7. Carefully open you bag and slide the attached contact paper circles inside you bag {sticky side up}. Make sure the confetti circle is exactly where you want it and press it into the bag. The overhang from the circle without the confetti will stick to the bag and hold it in place. 

8. Fold the bag over and glue on festooning if desired and add a little tag! Fill with whatever treat you desire and celebrate! 


  1. That is so cute! Lovely idea :D


  2. That is amazing! You know, this would make a great packaging for a handmade cookies business! I am a brand designer, you know! I see branding everywhere! Great tuto!

  3. I did this with my laminator but it did not turn out nearly as cute as yours. Just fabulous! Thank you so much for such a pretty tutorial. :)

  4. thank you all so much!!! would LOVE to see a picture if you tried to make them!!

  5. Loved it! Shared it! Pinned it!