23 July 2013

A Bittersweet Farewell....

Hello Friends.  This post comes with much sadness and much happiness.  As of today I will be stepping away from Icing Designs.  I have immensely enjoyed these past nearly 4 years of being a part of such a sweet little business that Melissa and I created to together.  Even though I am stepping away, my first love will always be creating beautiful glittered invitations and paper party goods.  I have been creating them since my Annabella, who is now 12, was a baby.  I may not be creating them for a business but they will always be my hobby. 

Melissa is my very best friend and she and her family mean the world to me and my family.  Even though we may not be doing Icing together any longer she will remain my very best friend. 

I will continue to follow all of my favorite blogs and continue to create. I will totally support Melissa on whatever direction she chooses to take, whether it be with continuing a business under the Icing Designs name or going in another direction completely. She is going to take some time to make the decision over the next couple of weeks.  

Icing Designs, fans of Icing Designs, the people I have met through Icing Designs, and most importantly Melissa have all been an incredible blessing to me … thank you!

All my love,

beautiful family photo via Bella Jackson 


  1. Good luck, Kellie, on your next adventure!!


  2. Ohhhh your family is precious! Good luck friend....So glad I met you. You are super creative!

  3. Kellie, I'm so sad to hear you leaving Icing. I'm in love with all of your beautiful glittered goods and everything you and Melissa have done over the past few years. Sending you best wishes and much happiness in your future endeavours!

  4. Good luck. Have loved following Icing Designs best of luck to both of you for the future.

  5. I wish you both the very best with kindness and respect. You are both lovely and talented. You are outstanding together and will continue to be wonderful on individual ventures. I am honored to have been able to celebrate my loved ones through Icing Designs. Much love. <3 <3

  6. Best of luck!! Happy for the both of you and where life will take you next.

  7. Katie PietraszakJuly 24, 2013 at 7:36 PM

    You and Melissa have always inspired me, not only in your work with Icing, but also with your friendship and kindness. I cherish the beautiful Icing touches for my girls' parties- the rainbow garland (which is still hanging in her room from 2 years ago :)), the beautiful first birthday frosted photos, as well as the custom illustration for my mom's birthday celebration. You are both amazing women and I know the future will bring wonderful new adventures for you both!

  8. I have been following you both for years and will continue to whichever fabulous way you go!

  9. I was just looking you up on Etsy because I needed some beautiful baby shower invitations! So incredibly sad to read that you are no longer doing Icing Designs. I have ordered many invitations and cupcake toppers from you ladies. I have not found anyone as beautiful as you both! Good luck to you...but know your Etsy peeps will miss you!

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