Sweet Little Fox Party Hats

We hope you liked our new fox collection that we introduced Monday! We have to admit, its one of our favorites! We couldn't wait to come up with fun DIY to go along with it! There is just something about party hats that we love, they just bring 'fun' to any children's celebration {well, ok adult celebrations too!}. But, this is not just any party hat, this is a 'fox' party hat! We had to giggle when we were making these, because the little fox ears peeking out of the hat are so darn cute! Can you imagine how adorable all the kiddos would look wearing one! These are so easy to make and they match the fox on our paper goods...come one you know you want to have a fox party!

paper party hat from craft store {to trace}
Blue and white stripe card stock
Pink festooning
Brown and white felt cut into fox ears
{just free hand cut an ear shape in the brown and make a smaller one in white to fit inside}
Hot glue
Icing initial tag

1. Trace your paper party hat {from any craft store} onto your blue and white striped card stock
and cut out.

2. Hot glue your paper into a hat shape.

3. Glue your pink festooning around the bottom of the hat and take a smaller piece and glue to the top.

4. Take your initial tag and glue it onto the center of the hat.

5. Glue the white part of the fox ear to the brown part and then glue behind the fringe of the festooning on either side of the hat.

6. Glue your ribbon to the inside of the bottom of the hat on either side.


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