Pretty Paper Floral Lanterns

As you may know we are huge fans of Kelly over at Studio DIY! {Check out our super fun interview with her here} We had the opportunity to guest post for her at Christmas time and were so excited to have had another chance a few weeks ago. With summer in full bloom outdoor entertaining is a must! Who does not love dining and parting al fresco when its warm and beautiful! But, just like partying indoors you need to party in style outdoors too! We love paper lanterns they are so versatile and come in so many different colors and sizes! Although, they are already so festive and fun, we thought why not add some 'pretty' to them too! And, yes paper flowers can make anything prettier...right!?! So we created a DIY on making mini paper lanterns adorned with simple tissue paper flowers. They can be hung from tree branches so they are all different heights, which gives a lot of dimension and adds a lot of color! You could also put them over a string of lights and create a beautiful garland {with lit lanterns} this would make a great addition to any night time party! It would also be beautiful to use all different sized lanterns if you were looking to do these on a grander scheme...pretty outdoor wedding maybe? Check out our full DIY here! And then stay a while and check out all of Kelly's amazing ideas and too!


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