DIY glittered sticker treat boxes

So the other day at Hobby Lobby getting paper we randomly saw these stickers called, 'DIYthickers'. Taking a closer look we realized they were double sided stickers that you can customize with your own glitter. What!?! Is it wrong that we are in our mid 30's and felt like kids in a candy store..I mean stickers you can glitter yourself!?! Well, of course the first thing that came to our minds was DIY! Although, these are pretty self explanatory, we had to do something party related with these! We thought personalized treat boxes would be perfect! How adorable would it be to let the kiddos spell their name, dust with glitter, fill with treats and take home!?! If you were doing this for a really little kids party, you of course, could do them yourself and have them displayed. And, yes, we are totally aware that you could just go get glittery stickers and put them on the box, but this is just so much more fun, don't you think!?!

Put the stickers wherever you desire, take the top tabs off and glitter away! 

Sure would be cute to pair these treat boxes with our 'Sweet Shoppe' or our new fill-in-the-blank 'Sweet Shoppe' paper party collection! 


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