DIY Festive Confetti Star Flag Garland

Ok, does anyone know where the month of June went!?! Summer...please slow down! The 4th of July is already next week! We do love the 4th, we always get together for a family picnic at my in-laws. All the kiddos play, there is always more food than anyone can possibly eat, fireworks fill the sky at night and you know summer is in full effect! We wanted to share a little garland that would be perfect to use at any 4th of July or summer celebration. It is is super festive and filled with star confetti, so you really can't go wrong! 

We created a 4 flag garland but you can make as many flags as you want to create your garland and you can also make this any size you want. 

1. We used 4 5x5 squares of red and white striped paper 
2. We used a 3 inch circle punch to create the hole at the top 
3. Cut a circle out of your contact paper that is just slightly bigger than 3 inches {take the backing off so the sticky part is up} and sprinkle your blue and white star confetti over the sticky surface. 
4. Cut a square out of the contact paper, larger than the circle so that there is hang over

5. Take the stick backing off of the square piece of contact paper and lay it over the sticky part of the circle contact paper with the stars on it. {So the sticky part of the square piece is touching the sticky part of the circle piece with the confetti.} 
6. There will be hang over from the square piece of contact paper, place this over the hole in the back of the red and white paper. If the contact paper is hanging over the sides or top of the red and white paper just trim it with scissors. 

7. Take a piece of your white festooning and glue it to the top of each flag
8. Punch holes at the top of either side of the garland {under the festooning so you don't see them} 
and string your white satin ribbon through to create a garland! 

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