Watercolor Floral Cake Crown DIY

As promised here is the watercolor floral cake crown DIY...

Floral Wire 
Green Satin Ribbon 
Hot Glue 
Watercolor Paper 
Tissue Paper 
Floral Stamens {craft store/baking department} 

1. Take your floral wire and twist it together so it forms a circle. 
2. Wrap your floral wire with green satin ribbon using hot glue to secure it. 
3. Take your watercolor paper and cut {about 14} 2 inch circles out. Rip the edges a little bit to make it look more life-like. Cut a small slit in the bottom of the circles. Punch out one circle to use as a base to glue the petals onto. You can also cut a few leaf shapes as well.

4. Begin to paint your petals with the watercolor of your choice. You don't have to be neat, leave white space and paint the edges darker. 

5. Begin to assemble your flower. Cross one side of the slit paper over the other and hot glue it to hold it in place, this will give the petal shape and dimension. {If you are having trouble envisioning see here} Begin by gluing 5 petals to the base and layer from there. Just hot glue the petals on until your flower is full. You can curve the final 3 petals in or leave them open.
6. The tissue paper flowers can be made by following this simple DIY .

7. Use hot glue to assemble your floral cake crown however you like! 


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