Simple Mother's Day Paper Flower Corsage or Present Topper

We, here in the Chicagoland area, are finally feeling sweet touches of spring. Beautiful flowers are blooming and warm sunshine is filling the sky! So we know Mother's Day is right around the corner! What mom doesn't appreciate flowers!?! As you know, there is something about paper flowers that we just love...maybe its that they last forever! Why not make mom a beautiful paper flower corsage that she can wear proudly or use it to top her gift! These simple DIY flowers are sure to bring a smile to any mom's face!

Card stock of your choice
Hot glue
Safety pin
Circle punch {Optional}

Take a piece of white paper and draw the shape of the petal you desire, it should be not bigger than 1 ½”. Be sure to have a rectangle shape at the bottom, this is important for creating the flower shape. Cut it out and use this as your pattern

Take your pattern and lay it on top of 2-3 squares of your cut out card stock and cut out. {you can create
2-3 petals at a time depending on the thickness of your card stock}

You will need 11 petals for each flower {you can make the inner ones smaller if you desire}

Where you have your rectangle at the bottom cut a slit a few centimeters up
Cross one side of the slit paper over the other and hot glue it to hold it in place, this will give the petal shape and dimension

Cut a small 1” circle out of your card stock, or you can use a paper punch

Start to glue the bottoms of the flowers around the circumference of the circle. You will need about 4 petals. You can add another layer of 4 and the inner layer will have 3 petals. 

Punch two more circles out. Glue them on top of one another {glue in the middle} and cut slits in them. 

Glue the middle of the flower in and pull the slits inward to make it look more realistic. You can add leaves if you desire {just glue them to the top of the base or the bottom of the flower. Add a safety pin if you are making a corsage, otherwise you can simply glue in onto of your package! 


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