New Item: Personalized Cake Crown Kit

We are really excited to be offering a new item in our shop. We wanted to create something that was a little bit different than a traditional cake topper. So we created a personalized cake crown. This cake crown comes as a kit and can be customized to say whatever you choose, and the colors can be customized too.
**Before you begin, please read thoroughly through all instructions**

The kit includes:
1. Two sets of glittered and crepe paper backed letters of your choice
2. Toothpicks 
3. Ribbon 

1. Glue the toothpicks to the bottom of the crepe paper backed letters. 

2. Take the first letter of the name and glue the beginning part of the ribbon above the toothpick, then glue the other side of the letter on. It is important to only glue the ribbon to the first letter at this time. 
3. Once all of the toothpicks are glued on, glue the other side of your letter on so that the letter shows on both sides. When you are gluing the matching letter on, put the glue on the top of the toothpick so that there is a small opening at the top between the two letters. {See 2 photos down}

4. For spacing reasons, once the letters are glued together set the letters on top of the cake, spacing them how you would like them to look. If you are happy with how the crown looks,  you can begin to attach the ribbon to the rest of the letters. 

5. Take the ribbon and place it between the front and back piece of each crepe paper backed letter. {See right photo above} 
6. Gently shimmy the ribbon until it hits the tip of the toothpick. Continue this until you get to the last letter.

7. Once you get to the end, cut the ribbon to place inside your first letter.  Take a small dab of glue and attach the ribbon inside the letter {in this case the "S"}. 


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