Mini Fairy Sprinkles Favors

We wanted to share these simple mini fairy sprinkles favors with you. They are a spin off of our 'fairy dust pots'. They make a great take home gift and look so cute and glittery on a dessert table!
But, they also have a sweet little story behind them that we would love to share with you. When my twin girls started kindergarten, they were very apprehensive. I could almost feel the butterflies in their little tummies! It broke my heart when they looked at me with tears in their eyes when I dropped them off. I knew I needed to come up with something to help them. They both love fairies, so I told them a story about a fairy that lived in our back yard. I told them she is very rarely seen but she came to visit me because she knew my little girls were nervous about going to school. She said that when her little fairies are nervous, she gives them a little spoonful of 'fairy sprinkles' and it helps the butterflies in their tummies go to sleep and she gave me a little jar for them. The girls could not believe that 'a real fairy' gave me a jar of 'fairy sprinkles' and they could not wait to try it! The next day before we left for school, I gave them a little tiny spoonful of sprinkles and believe it or not, it worked like magic! The girls went to school the next day with no tears, I could tell they were still a little nervous but it gave them the confidence they needed to go to get through the day! So these are replicas of the little 'fairy sprinkles' that I gave to the girls!

Mini jars with cork tops {We found these at our local Hobby Lobby}
White glittered card stock
Thin pink ribbon
Sprinkles {color of your choice}
'Fairy Sprinkles' Tag
Hot Glue

1. Fill up your jars with the sprinkles. 
2. Tie a ribbon around the top of your jar.
3. Hot glue your tag to the front of the glass.  

4. We just drew a small wing to use as a pattern. 
5. Use the pattern to cut out as many sets of wings as you need. 
*Don't forget to turn the pattern over so that you have a right and left wing* 
6. Fold the very inner point of the wing in just a bit {see right photo}

7. Hot glue the fold of the wings onto the back of the jar. 


Katie said...

So cute and much easier clean up than glitter :) I love the sweet story even more!

Icing Designs said...

Thank you so much Katie!

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