It's A Donut Bash

We are so excited about this week, we are finally back from our mini break and ready to implement what we learned while we were away. So we thought we'd better share some love...for donuts that is! Donuts are something that make us squeal with delight! We could go on and on about why we love them, but then we thought we should build a party around them instead! So you are in for a week filled with sweet, sugary donut ideas!

1. This donut pan is great for baking up the perfect little donut treats!
2. We love theses donut dusting sugars that come in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry!
3. What donut is complete with out some chocolate, white or pink sprinkles!?!
4. A galvanized tiered stand {especially with scalloped edges} is a great way to show off your donuts!
5. Confetti garlands are not only awesome, but they look like little donut holes when they are hung on a wall!
6. These pink bakery boxes are the best way to have your guest bring home some tasty donuts to have with their coffee the next morning.
And of course no party can even start without send these to invite your guests to your next donut bash! ;)


Bellenza Bistro said...

Such a fabulous party concept! Looking forward to the rest of your 'donut week'!

GLadd said...

so adorable! <3

Lexy said...

Love this DIY Mini-cake stand. Why do you not recommend using real food on it? I thought it would be so cute to put a few cake pops in cupcake liners on top. Thanks...just found you today and I'm have such fun going back to see it all. Beautiful work ladies.

Richard Majece said...

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