A mini Break...and a Heart to Heart

Hi friends, we wanted to take a minute to let you know a little bit about what’s going on here at Icing Designs. This is a different kind of post for us, as we normally don’t talk too much about ‘ourselves’ and what’s going on behind the scenes. But we wanted to take this opportunity to let you that we are going to be making some changes to help us become a more effective blog. We are currently taking a class called Blog Boss, Blogging your Way, created by Holly Becker of Decor8. This class has in a nutshell blown our minds. It has really opened our eyes to some things that we need to work on and re-think. It is also a really exciting class, we have learned more about blogging in the last week and half then we’ve learned on our own in the last couple of years. Holly is one of the most reputable, successful bloggers around. Her teaching style is spot on, easy to understand, amazingly helpful and effective! If you are looking to take a class to better your blog, we highly recommend this one!

To give you a little more insight one of the reasons we decide to take a class is because although, we have been blogging for about 4 years now, we don’t feel like our readers are completely connected with us. When we started our blog one of the things we looked forward to the most was interacting with our readers, the way we do with our customers. We have built some fantastic relationships with our customers. We have always hoped to do the same with the readers on our blog. We want our readers/audience to get to know us a little bit better, the faces behind the blog per say. We would also really like to connect and collaborate with some other bloggers who complement our style and vice versa. 

We have to admit we have had some really overwhelming weeks. When we started this business and blog we never in a million years thought that we would ever end up on some of the blogs, websites or magazines that we have had the privilege of being in. We are stay at home moms with a passion for creativity and paper goods and just wanted something to keep us busy, so we started Icing Designs. We feel blessed beyond belief every time we get an order. There are so many phenomenal vendors that customers could be ordering from, so when they choose us to help make an occasion special we are over the moon. We always try to give our customers the most enjoyable experience they can have and we think that is why so many of our customer are repeat. But, being stay at home moms first and foremost it does make it extremely difficult to keep up with our orders, our blog, facebook, pinterest and connecting with and supporting other businesses they way we want so badly to do. So there have been many times when we have felt like, is it worth it to keep doing our blog, is anyone connecting with us, do they like what we are doing, should we just stop the blog and focus on our business? 

But the truth of the matter is we love blogging and sharing our ideas and in our hearts do not want to stop or give up. So, we are going to take just a little bit of time to re-focus our direction. We have some really fun things in mind and want to start sharing more about who Kellie and I are with you so that you can get to know us too. We really are so thankful to those of you who do follow us, we just hope you are getting something out of our blog, we can not wait to share our new ideas and posts with you. If you have been a follower of ours or your new to our blog, if you feel compelled to leave us a comment to let us know what you would like to see more or less of, please do so! That way in the time we are re-organizing we can take your thoughts into consideration, after all, this blog is for you! We will be back April 1st and will be blogging  little updates as well. We will also still be active on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram...so follow us there in the meantime! 

Thank you so much to all who read this post and to all who have been following us, we hope to make our blog more effective and more exciting for you in the coming weeks!!

♥ Melissa and Kellie


Bloom said...

You know I love you guys! Keep being YOU and following your dreams! xoxo

Stacey @ Likes to Smile said...

Hello Fellow BYW Students!

I feel the same way about the class! Holly is the most incredible, spot-on teacher. In fact, in retrospect, I can't believe how little we paid for the knowledge we are gaining. But it does mean that I have a huge to do list going as well.

But either way, I look forward to seeing what the class inspires! And best of luck!

Stacey :)

Taj Acosta said...

I'm a newer follower in the past couple months, and I love your blog! As a blogger myself, I find that collaborating with others is a great way to connect. Also of course like you mentioned, sharing personal glimpses is what keeps a brand relative and intruiging. Looking forward to your new posts! xx - Keep it Glam -Taj

Icing Designs said...

Meredith, thank you so much ♥ you too!!
@Stacey, great to meet you...yes, the class is amazing! Thanks so much for your comment!
@Taj, thank you so much for following our posts! Thank you for your support! We can't wait to come back and share our new ideas!!

Daisy Pink Cupcake said...

I love your blog...I am always visiting here!! I feel you though on keeping up with everything such as the blogging, facebook, pinterest and then the business too. But you need those marketing tools to help your business suceed. I have been wanting to open a Etsy shop for quite some time and I have the products and I even have some listed but I have not posted them yet to be sold because I feel like I don't have the extra time at this moment to go into doing everything I need too completely...if that makes sense??
I really enjoyed reading your post today....Good luck ladies!

Icing Designs said...

@daisy pink cupcake...thank you so much, you are so sweet! we really appreciate your encouragement!! ♥

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