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We are sure you are all familiar with our next friend, who just happens to be somewhat of a confectionery genius! It’s our sweet friend, Rosie of Sweetapolita! Truly an extraordinary artist, Rosie is a talented baker, decorator and photographer! Sweetapolita is such a charming blog with a nostalgic twist! A wife and momma, Rosie’s blog always feels like a celebration and is full of tons of sweet memories for her little 'cakelets'!

{All photos and sweets via Sweetapolita}

Cake or Cupcakes for Valentine's Night Dessert!?!
I'd have to say without a doubt, cake. I love  cupcakes but there's something about Valentine's Day that makes sharing a cake a must-especially a dark, gooey chocolate one!

Was the best Valentine's Day gift you ever got homemade or store bought!?! 
I'm a sucker for my 5-year-old's homemade heart shaped Valentine's. She adorns them with glitter, stickers, doodles, and of course, the word "Mom" in pink sparkly letters.

Favorite Valentine's Day color combination?
Pastel pink and red!

What language do you think LOVE sounds most beautiful in!?!
French for certain. Who does not get tingly when they hear the word "amour?"

Favorite Valentine's Day DIY!?!
I adore these Cupid Arrow  Cupcake and Treat Bag Toppers from Creature of Comforts. They're beyond cute and super simple to make! 

Favorite romantic movie?

Favorite chocolate?
While I have to admit that the chocolates I was lucky enough to try at La Maison du Chocolat in Paris many years ago were the best I’ve ever had, I’m really not a chocolate snob most days of the week – any premium chocolate infused with mint has a good chance at stealing my heart. 

Favorite flowers?
Pink peonies.

Anything special your hoping to get this Valentine's Day?
I was lucky enough to receive an early Valentine’s Day gift from my husband – a pastel pink watch that I’ve been wanting for quite some time (I think a watch is one of the most romantic gifts you can get!), but I will say that a quiet night alone with him (and cake for two) would make me so happy. 

Favorite Valentine's related pin on pinterest?
I feel in love with this Valentine's Day Booth-my little cakelets are 3 and 5, and they would give anything to do this (if only we weren't buried in snow this time of year).

Thank you SO much Rosie!! Happy Valentine's Day!!
xoxo ♥


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We are in awe of Rosie's talents, too! And really enjoy her 'chatty' blog posts. :-)

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