New Fill in the Blank Invitation Packages

We are really excited to let you know about a new product that we recently added to our Etsy shop! Most of the party invitation work we do for our customers is customized with all of their personal information on it. So it requires formatting and communication back and forth, which we love because it helps us to build relationships with the people we are working for. However, we also get a ton of requests for our designs to be purchased as printable files. It would be really hard for us to go that route because we would not be able to hand-glitter our items, which is a huge part of our business. So, we decided to start offering packages of fill in the blank invitations. You can choose to use any of our illustrations and they are of course are glittered. They can be easily purchased off of our Etsy site with no convo necessary. They are also less expensive than our customized invites because there is no formatting. We hope you like them and will think about trying them for your next party! 


Bellenza Bistro said...

Brilliant idea! Your customers can still have both the personalization and the hand glitter!

Icing Designs said...

thank you so much...!!

Riot said...

OMG! I love your blog! <3
So magical... :)

Icing Designs said...

thank you so much!!! we are so glad you found us!!

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