Cake Stand Obsession

We have a love for cake stands, ok maybe obsession is a more appropriate word. Between Kellie and I we could probably open our own shop. You can never have enough right!?! Even when it seems like they are coming out of every corner of your house you can always find room for one more! Lately, we have had our eyes some beautiful bell jar domed stands! They are just so pretty and classic and the bell jar just shows off your treats with such a charming feel! We've rounded up some of our favorites, any one of them would make a lovely Valentine's day gift! ♥



Bellenza Bistro said...

I have a cake stand obsession, OWN one! Your post just got me dreaming again!

Icing Designs said...

yay! you can never have enough cake stands ;)

Dawn M said...

what a beautiful post! What did you use for that collage? So precious! I am looking for a cake or cupcake stand for my son's birthday, but they are so expensive!

Susie Holler said...

i'm obsessed with cake stands i have over 100

Richard Majece said...

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