Winter Picnic Inspiration

If you live in an area that has harsh winters like we do, you know how long and gloomy the days can seem. Well this year we have decided to make the most of it! Winter really can be a magical time, if you take the time to appreciate it. We love the idea of  a winter picnic! We dream of garlands made of white, fluffy marshmallows that can be roasted for s'mores and hot cocoa with with frozen whipped cream hearts, paper bags filled with freshly popped corn and pretty plates filled with little sugar cookies and of course warm fuzzy blankets to snuggle up in after ice skating on the frozen lake! As we plan a winter picnic of our own, here are some photos that might inspire you to plan one too!
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{photo 1}
{photo 1, 2}
{photos 1, 2}

{photo 1}


Traditional Urbanite said...

You are so right. We seldom take time to appreciate winter. As a child, I was always outside, even in those Chicago blizzards. As an adult, there are too many distractions that take up the bulk of your time in a day. Thanks for this post. It will remind me to relish the winter moments, especially with my little one.


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