DIY Glittered Honeycomb Balls

Party props are one of our weaknesses! It seems like we are always stocking up on them, even when we don't need them! We remember honeycomb decorations being popular when we were little and now they are making a major comeback! They are available in so many colors and sizes, the possibilities of how to use them are endless! Well, being in the business of glitter, we did decided to do what only comes natural...glitter them! We love the way the turned out, when the light catches they they just off the perfect amount of sparkle! This DIY is so easy, these would look gorgeous at any celebration from a party to a wedding!

honeycomb balls
paint brush
glitter {martha stewart makes a great glitter for this project}

Simply take some tack glue and paint it all over the paper edge of your folded honeycomb ball. {Be generous with your glue}

Open you honeycomb ball up a little bit and try to make sure the glue hots every paper edge, you can be generous with the glue here as well.Close it back up and sprinkle glitter all over the glue, again open up the ball a bit and make sure glitter hits each spot that the glue is on. Pick it up and tap on the back to get rid of excess glitter. 

There will be a sticky tab on the back of the ball, take the paper and close the ball securely. Take the string and hang it on a lolli stick {or whatever you had available} to dry. One dry hang up and use as party of your party decor!!

Honeycomb balls from Sweet Lulu

These would be a perfect party decor compliment to our "sprinkles sprinkles everywhere
paper party collection! 


Bellenza Bistro said...

What a lovely idea! As if the honeycomb balls (so that's what they're called!) weren't pretty enough as is. :-)

Richard Majece said...

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