DIY New Years Eve Party Horns

If you saw our post on Friday you know that we had the absolute pleasure of working Kate Landers on her gorgeous New Year's Eve photo shoot! One of the items we created for the shoot were glittered party horns! Now what New Year's party is complete with out a few festive party horns!?! We have to admit, these were so much fun to make. There are so many possibilities when it comes to embellishing them! There are also a few different ways to make them and one is so super simple, you may find yourself making a few extra!

Cards stock {not to thick or it will crease when you roll it}
{if you have a favorite patterned paper you would rather use you can glue it on to a piece of plain card stock to give it some bulk}
Cheap party horn from the dollar store {keep the noise maker at the bottom}
Embellishments {festooning, crepe paper, tinsel, ribbon, etc}
Hot glue
Pre-made glittered party horns found here 
choice of embellishments

You can find really cheap paper party horns at the craft or dollar store. These are great to use as a pattern to create your party horns from. Take one of them apart and trace onto your card stock. Cut out. {If you have a piece of patterned paper that you like, {but the paper is not thick enough} you can cut out the pattern and glue it onto a piece of plain card stock, or just glue it on top of the pre-made party horn that you used to trace the patter with.

Start at the bottom {the smallest part} and roll in until the edges meet. At this point you can take hot glue and glue one edge over the other. Make sure yo hold it together for a few minutes to make sure the edges are secure. Once the horn is glued securely you can slide the noise maker on to the bottom. 
You can add a little bit of hot glue around the top if you want to secure it on. 

Now comes the fun...embellishing!! You can really anything to create festive party horns! For our black and white polka dot horns, we used black crepe paper. We added some hot glue around the opening of the horn and just ruffled the paper as we glues it on. Then we glued a silver satin ribbon on to hide the end of the crepe paper. At the bottom, we also created a ruffle but glued the paper in the center so it created a ruffle on the top and bottom. We tied a ribbon in the center and fluffed the paper on the top and bottom to create a fuller look! With the silver and black glittered horns we used tinsel and decorative ribbon. Hoe you will try these for your New Year's party!


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