Holiday Cookie Baking

Now that Halloween is over the holidays are fast approaching! We are so excited about them this year and can't wait to start sharing some great ideas with you! Who does not love holiday cookie baking!?! Christmas cookie baking is such a fond childhood memory and we just love being able to crate some magic in the kitchen with our little ones now. Just getting all of the ingredients and baking supplies out fills the air with excitement and joy! We rounded up some of our must have holiday cookie baking supplies to share with you! Can't you already smell the sweet cookies baking...YUM!

French rolling pin
The Art of the Cookie Book 
Eat drink and be Merry apron
Snowflake cookie cutters
Red and white stripe mixing bowl 
Sugar cookie kitchen towel  
Eat drink and be Merry spatula 
Peppermint bits
Food scale 


Brielle Franklin said...
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Brielle Franklin said...

What a great picture. I would just have to add sustainable food packaging to your picture, then it would be perfect. Thanks so much for sharing this picture.

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