Mini glittery cake with chocolate deco love topper

We hope you all had a great weekend! We have a fun week of posts ahead and can't wait to share this first one with you. We had a small event this weekend that we did a small sweet table for. We love using a pretty cake as centerpiece! It just looks so beautiful and sets the feeling of the table off perfectly. Usually the cake does not even get cut {unless it is a wedding of course} then the event holders get to bring a small cake home to celebrate with later! We love the look of tall mini cakes, so we decided to do a chocolate cake with an Italian meringue buttercream filling and coated it with lots of glittery silver sugar on the outside. We created 3 paper flowers, {you can find the diy here} to add a little sweetness toward the top of the cake and a ruffled silver ribbon around the bottom. But we still thought it needed something, so we decided to make a super easy cake topper out of chocolate. You may remember our chocolate decos for cupcakes that we did a while back, this is very similar.

All you have to do is pick a font that you like and type your word {making sure that the length and size of the letters will fit on the cake} and print it out. We choose to use the word Love in 100 point font. Once you print it out, place a piece of wax or parchment paper over the word and use chocolate in the color of your choice {Wilton's candy melts work great here} to outline the letters. You will also want to create a small line at the bottom of each letter so that you can use this part to stick into the cake. Let it dry and carefully pick it up off the paper, sometime using a small cake spatula helps with this. Place it in the cake, and there you have a chocolate topper! {Be sure to write the word in chocolate 2 or 3 times in case one letter breaks, this way you will have a spare.} You can even make the word glittery if you choose, as soon as you write the letters, before the chocolate dries, sprinkle course sugar over it. When it dries you will have a glittery effect to your chocolate letters!

This cake would be perfect for a bridal shower! Of course, you could use it as a centerpiece and then let the bride take it home to share with her fiance! This cake concept would compliment our sassy bride perfectly! What bride doesn't love a little sparkle!?!



Spencer said...

How wonderful! I wish I had the talent to create something like that. It looks amazing.

Unknown said...

Very pretty and thanks for the explanation. Will have to try this out too!


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Jim Rhodes said...

Hope to see more content from you. This recipe is great! I love it.

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