Patriotic Fringed Candy Poppers

We hope the summer doesn't fly by to fast! We seriously can not believe that the 4th of July is just a few weeks away! Well, we wanted to share a fun project that you can do for a 4th of July party or just for fun with your kids...patriotic fringed candy poppers! They are so easy and you can fill them with whatever you want, like a little pinata...candy, little toys, confetti, whatever makes you happy! They kind of remind us of little fireworks! These would be a great take home gift if you are planning a little 4th of July get together!
half of paper towel roll or toilet paper roll
1/2 sheet of white tissue paper
red, white and blue crepe paper
ribbon {color and width of your choice}
whatever you want to fill them with {we just used confetti, silver gems and little rosettes}

Take a half sheet of white tissue paper and put your roll in the center of it. Put a line of glue along the length of your roll and roll the tissue paper around it. Once you have done that glue again so that it is secure.

At this point take some of your crepe paper and fold it over multiple times {this will make it easier for fringing, otherwise it will take a very long time} Cut little slits to create your fringe. Make sure you leave a little bit of room at the top, don't cut all the way through. Do this to all of your colors. 

You can then unfold your fringed paper. 

Now you can start attaching this to your roll. Start with your blue {start at the seem that the tissue paper made} and attach your fringe crepe paper with a dab of glue. Wrap your fringe around two times to create a fuller look, secure with a dab of glue. Go up just a little bit and repeat with your white and then your red. 

Turn your roll around and repeat on the other side, you will have a little gap of white in the middle when you are done. You can either leave it, or put a rosette or any other deco of your choice there. Finally, gather the ends of the tissue paper and tie with a thin white ribbon {or any ribbon of your choice}. Fill the popper and tie the other side to create the look of a piece of candy! 



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