Confectionary Crush: Connie Cupcake

You are in for a real treat...if you have not heard of Connie Cupcake we are so excited to introduce her to you! We saw a photo of one of Connie's stunning cakes on Pinterest a few weeks ago, and were literally blown away by the beauty, elegance and charm of this cake! It was so unique and dramatic, we could not stop looking at it. When we went to her site and started looking through her gallery we were overwhelmed. Connie's eye for detail and her natural talent are a force to be recon with! We don't know that we have ever described a cupcake, cream puff or donut tower as regal, but believe us the term is appropriate to use! If you are in to stunning, feminine, glittery confectionery works of art you will fall in love with Connie Cupcake too! 

We recently had the opportunity to interview Connie and are so excited for you to get to  know her a little bit better! We know you will be as smitten with her work as we are!

Icing: We are literally blown away by the beauty of your work, tell us a little bit about your background and how Connie Cupcake was founded.

Connie: I spent many years as a graphic designer before becoming a Producer/Director for television. I'd been in the business about 12 years when I started planning my wedding. I decided I wanted to make cupcakes instead of buying a wedding cake... I mean, how hard could it be? Well, since my culinary experience came down to setting things on fire - it wasn't as easy as I thought! I made cupcakes every Sunday leading up to our big day. I'd bring them into work and make people rate the cake and then the icing. At the send of 6 months, and after some very satisfied coworkers I had perfected it for my main event! So the wedding came and went, and while gliding through married bliss I realized that the cupcakes had really become a fondness I couldn't ignore. I was lonely without my cupcakes! So back I went to the kitchen. People starting placing orders and voila! Connie Cupcake was born.

Icing: All of your work is so creative, elaborate and innovative, where do you get your inspiration from?

Connie: Fashion, design, architecture and nature. Who needs more inspiration than that!

Icing: What is one of the most exciting projects you have worked on to date?

ConnieMy most exciting project hasn't happened yet. One of my best friends just got engaged and my wedding gift to her will be a cake and Tablescape. She's so girly, it will be all about mounds of ruffles. LOVE!

Icing: Are there any pastry chefs or designers that inspire or influence your work?

Connie: Maggie Austin is my favorite cake designer. The architecture of her work is stunning, and I love the simplicity of her designs. I wish I could edit myself like that. Perfection.

Icing: What is your favorite thing to create {cakes, cookies, cupcakes etc?}

Connie: I really love it all! My stacked cookies make me proudest I think...

Icing: You are located in Canada, do you ship any of your delicacies?  

ConnieGeeez... Just this week I got inquiries from Vegas, Ohio, NYC and NC. I guess I better figure out how to ship soon! I'm opening a studio and tasting room in Rosedale, Toronto in just over a month... Once that craziness is over maybe I'll have a date with FedEx!

After you are done drooling over all of Connie's fabulous treat, visit her blog here!


rebecca said...

wow!! I have seen cute cupcakes before, but never have I seen such breathtaking "designs"!! Its obvious fashion is a major influence in these pieces of art - its easy to imagine some of these desert toppers as a brooch on a clutch or adorning an amazing evening gown. Way to go!!

Nikki @ Tikkido said...

Oh my, those are just gorgeous! And I have to like anyone who clearly likes using disco dust and gold luster and leaf as much as I do. ;-)

blakescakes said...

Disco dust is not edible. It is PLASTIC CRAFT GLITTER. It’s meant for use only on things that will not be eaten. Doesn’t matter that it’s non toxic–it’s still plastic.

To keep something edible, edible glitter made from gum arabic, sanding sugar, or gelatin should be used.

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