Washi tape...Endless possibilites

Washi tape....love it!! We are sure you have heard of this fabulous Japanese, decorative tape that has taken over the craft world! It comes in so many amazing patterns and colors...some is even glittered! There are so many ways that it can be used from cupcake flags, to cake buntings to making packages pretty!! Have you used it, if so what have you done with it? We just ordered a bunch of it...can't wait to start using it!

photos via: sbchic.com, parcelpost.wordpress.com, 100layercake.com,shopsweetlulu.com, papercrave.com, cutetape.com


Lissa (Bellenza) said...

Trust the Japanese to have come up with such a creative and versatile product! And the crafting world has really run with it. :-)

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