Spring Flower Magnets

We thought we would share a fun little diy with you today! We love this project because it is super easy and perfect for spring! These little paper flower magnets would even be so cute to pop in an Easter basket or a fun little gift to give for Mother's Day!
All you need is:
blank magnets {that you can find at any craft store}
paper of your choice to create flowers and green paper for leaves
circle paper punch
glue gun
We choose to use textured pink paper and white, glittered paper to make the flowers and green on green polka dot paper for the leaves. Cut 4 leaf shapes out of your green paper and punch out one pink circle as the base for each flower. Turn the magnet over and take off the paper peel to reveal the sticky side and stick the corner of the leaf and the base of the flower to it {if you can not find pre-sticky magnets just use hot glue}. For each flower we punched {excluding the base} 4 pink and 2 white circle. You can arrange them any way you wish. One at a time you are going to glue them together, add a small dab of glue in the center on the top of the first circle and glue the bottom of the next circle on top {make sure not to cover the entire circle in glue just the center} and repeat until you have all of your circles stacked. Once you have them stacked you can cut where the scallops are from the edge to the center making sure the stop in the center and not to cut all the way through {see photo}. The gently pull up the layers to create a dimensional flower and add a gem in the center. Simply glue the flower to the base and you are done!


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