DIY Oversized Paper Flowers

We were so thankful to have our "creme and gold baby shower" featured on Amy Atlas! Since we posted it we have had a lot of inquires about the oversized paper flowers we made as a back drop! Well, we can't take full credit for them our sweet and lovely friend Katie showed us how to make them! You may remember the gorgeous flowers she made for her sisters wedding. Anyways, we are excited to show you how to make them and hope you will try them for your next party!

1. Paper of your choice
2. Tissue paper {color of your choice}
3. Floral wire
4. Hot glue
5. Scissors
6. Small circle of card stock
Print and cut petal pattern, trace petals and cut out. {Find floral tempate here}
After cutting out your petals, accordion fold them. and cut small slit from the bottom. At this point if you want to spray paint your flowers you can do so now. When they are dry, cross one side of the paper over the other and hot glue to hold into place, this will give your petal shape and dimension.

Cut a small slit at in the middle of the bottom of the flower, cross one side of the paper over the other and hot glue to hold into place, this will give your petal shape and dimension.
Cut a small circle out of card stock to glue the petals onto. Glue the petals onto the card stock, overlapping the slightly. Once you have 4 petals glued on the bottom, repeat with the remaining 3 on top, overlapping again so that they are staggered from the bottom layer.

Cut 6 pieces of layered tissue paper into a 3” circle. Stack the tissue paper on top of each other and push the wire through about an ½ inch apart and twist at that bottom. Be careful not to rip the tissue, you may also want to put a dab of hot glue on top just to secure it. Start bunching the tissue one layer at a time to create a flower, you may want to add a dab of hot glue before you bunch the first one to hold the wire to the tissue.

Hot glue the tissue paper flower into the larger flower and you are done!


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