Have you ever heard of cascarones!?! They are glitter or confetti filled eggs...considered to be good luck when you break them over someone's head! They are so colorful and fairly easy to make! There are a lot of fun tutorials out there for making these, but we thought this one from one of our favorite French blogs, Griottes, was pretty fabulous! Although, they were made for Christmas in this tutorial, we thought they would be such a fun alternative to regular dyed Easter eggs!

Materials: Eggs, a needle, paint and a brush, glitter

Drill your eggs gently with the needle, a small hole on top and a small hole but slightly larger on the bottom. Shake the egg hard, and then blow into the top hole on top of a bowl, the egg will flow into the bowl.
Wash and dry the egg.
Once dry, paint them with acrylic or spray paint. Let them dry and apply a second coat if needed.
With a sheet of paper, cut a small cone and place it into the larger hole. Create a funnel and pour the glitter into the egg. Close the hole with a small piece of masking tape.

diy and all photo via Griottes:}


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