Ok, so who has not heard of pinterest by now!?! Well, we first heard about it last January when our sweet friends from Whipperberry blogged about it! We were instantly smitten and excited about the possibilities!! A virtual pinboard that can organize all of our ideas and favorite photos....what could be better!?! So we requested an invite and got one in our inbox....but there was one problem...its called obsession! We knew that it would be become a bit of an obsession and we were so busy trying to work on other things for our business. So, we never accepted the invite but of course enjoyed peeking at all of the amazing photos people posted! Finally, we could not hold out any longer and recently accepted our request and are now happily pinning away! So if you would like to take a peek at what we are pinning check us out here!

Here is one of our favorite cakes from our "let them eat cake" board!


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