Find A Cure Framed Illustrations

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! This is an issue that is very important to us. It is nearly impossible to not know at least one person who has been personally affected by this disease. One of the first illustrations that we added to our Etsy shop when we opened was our "Find a Cure" design. This year we wanted to do something special for Breast Cancer Awareness month. We are adding custom framed "Find a Cure" illustrations to our shop for a limited time. Each frame is a little bit different, since they are hand-made, but each contains one of our custom, hand-illustrated, hand-glittered "Find a Cure" designs. We are doing this in loving memory of Kellie's amazing mother-in-law who passed away from Breast Cancer and in honor of my brave and beautiful cousin Jenny who is suffering from this illness now and in honor of all of the women who have been affected by Breast Cancer.


Monica said...

Hello I wanted to write you some lines just to say that I love your blog and it inspires me a lot in my daily life and for my own blog I will post some of your creative and brilliant ideas. Thank you very much from Spain

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Monica, thank you so so much! That really means a lot to us. Thank you for taking the time to write this to us! We can't wait to go check out your blog!! Thanks so much again!
Sweetly, Melissa and Kellie

Elizabeth said...

These are gorgeous.

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