Sweet Chicks

Kellie and I are planning a little Easter play date for our little girls with some of their sweet friends! Well, what Easter play date would be complete with out an Easter egg hunt!?! We want each girl to be able to find one really special egg with something really "sweet" inside. So we created one sweet little chick egg for each little girl to find. We made these with our little ones today and they had such a blast making them. It is such an easy project and the little ones get such a kick out of all the different animals they can create with the simple supplies!

All you need is little plastic eggs, feathers (that can be found at any craft store), mini googly eyes, a little piece of felt and if you want to add it a little fabric flower. Just hot glue the eyes where you want them to go, cut two little triangles out of felt and glue them on as a beak. Glue one feather on either side of the back of the egg to create wings, making sure you don't glue over the crack of the egg so it can still be opened. Cut a little heart shape out of the pink felt to create little feet and glue them on under the egg and then glue a little flower to the side of the head and you have one sweet chick!


Kristin said...

Very cute idea! Love how simple it starts out and becomes this darling chick! Nice!

Goosie Girl said...

Thanks for the inspiration! You both are amazing! I featured you all and these sweet little eggs today...
Pop over when you have a chance and take a peek! Have a great day!

Richard Majece said...

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