Have you ever heard of Orange Girl Photographs!?! Kirstie, is an amazing photographer out of Banff, Canada! Her photos are in a word, amazing! She is incredibly talented and incredibly kind! She contacted us a while back about creating a custom letter garland for a photo shoot that she was doing for a friend of hers. Of course we were thrilled to do it, but we really had no idea how special this photo shoot was going to be until we saw her post on it! The photo shoot was for a very dear friend of hers, Nicole from Confetti Wedding Films. Kirstie says this about Nicole..."Nicole's films capture genuine emotions in a way that is unique to her gift of storytelling. She is passionate about weddings and about connecting with couples and telling their stories and it shows in her work." The girls developed an incredible friendship and Kirstie took these photos for Nicole for her website. We were so honored to be part of such a special photo shoot. We created a blush pink and silver letter garland that read, "storyteller". Just look at these gorgeous photos, what a wonderful way to celebrate your friendship!

This is Nicole's daughter...does it get cuter than this!?!
And her husband, what a charming couple!


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