Vanity Fair

Back in 2009 Vanity Fair Magazine did a Hollywood Issue with some of the beautiful faces of today's young Hollywood! We think the ones of Emily Blunt were breathtaking! They are regal and glamorous with a fanciful twist. We are loving the gorgeous flowers on the couch, the golden chairs and of course the haute couture dazzling dresses! Although they are from a couple of years ago, we can still swoon over these stunning photos today...don't you agree!

Emily Blunt wearing haute couture
photographed in Le Raincy outside Paris by Michael Roberts
Styled by Jessica Diehl
Vanity Fair May 2009


Ceilidh Smith said...

It so very Versailles to me. I remember this shoot and love it. I subscribe to Vanity Fair magazine...great stuff in every magazine!

Oliver Maurice said...

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