Glittered Je'Taime Garland

We adore this little DIY project. We thought about sharing this project with you over the holidays, but time got away from us! So we thought, what better time than Valentine's to share a love garland! All you need is some thick card stock, glue, glitter (we used Martha Stewart brand) and some ribbon!

First off, pick a font that you like, make sure it carries some weight (we used Gill Sans Ultra Bold). You can open a Word Document on your computer type the word that you want to create (we choose to make our garland say Je T'aime in honor of Valentine's Day) and trace the letters right on to your paper, or you can just print it out. Cut out your letters with a pair of small scissors or an X-Acto knife and punch two small holes near the top so you can string them together. Generously apply glue to each letter and then generously sprinkle the glitter over top...making sure you cover the entire letter.

Let the letters dry for a few hours. As they dry they tend to curl a little bit, so you can lay the letters on a clean sheet of paper and add another clean sheet of paper on top and then lay some heavy books on them overnight and they will flatten out perfectly! The next morning you can string the letters together with your choice of ribbon! The garlands look adorable just about anywhere!


Ceilidh Smith said...

Amazing! Oh how I can't wait for spring break to indulge in some crafting :) *closes eyes and repeats* only one year until i graduate...only one year until i graduate!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous Kellie and Melissa. Just like the both of you and all of your products. You two are the sweetest most generous young ladies of all!

Courtney - said...

eeeeh! Love this!

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