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Well keeping on the subject of very talented Swedish women...we are so excited to have Linda of Call Me Cupcake with us today! You may have seen some of Linda's breathtaking work before. She has such a romantic and lovely style to everything she creates! Her work is so feminine, dainty and simply charming! You would think that Linda had been baking and creating gorgeous sweets for years, but Linda is self-taught and made her first cupcakes in 2009! We could spend hours swooning over the beautiful photography of her stunning creations...and we have no doubt that will could too!

Icing: How did you start Call me Cupcake? What is your background/formal training?

Linda: I've always enjoyed baking, but have never taken it very seriously. One day in July 2009 I made my first cupcakes, and I thought I would start a baking blog just for fun. I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to bake all the time, and it was all I could think about (it still is!). When I made my first cake in February 2010, I realized that this is what I should be doing! I'm self-taught and I don't have any formal training as a pastry chef, however I do have some formal training as a photographer.

Icing: When did you start translating your posts in English and why?

Linda: I started translating my posts into English by the end of 2009 because I thought it would interest international readers, but turns out I didn't have many readers back then! When I realized that, I stopped doing it because it was so time consuming. I just recently started translating my posts into English again, because now I actually do have some international readers, which is so much fun! I think Google translate is fantastic, but sometimes it can destroy a whole recipe! It's also a great way for me to practice my English and learn some new words.

Icing: What has been your favorite project that you have worked on?

Linda: I come up with new projects in my head all the time! I wish I had time to carry all of them out. However, my favorite project must be the Winter White Dessert Table. It was so much fun to make and the response to it has been great. I had an image in my head of how I wanted it to look, but it turned out even better than that!

Icing: What is your favorite dessert to create?

Linda: I love making macarons! When you get the hang of it, they are not at all hard to make. And the best thing is that they are so delicious and cute!
I must say that cakes are also so much fun to make, but they involve a lot more work. I enjoy decorating cakes, of course, because it is my creative outlet!

Icing: Do you have any exciting projects for 2011 that you can share?

Linda: I do have some very very exciting things going on, but unfortunately I can't tell you about them just yet! You'll just have to wait and see... However, I can promise that it will be an exciting year!

Icing: Other than creating amazing pastry's, can you tell us one interesting fact about yourself?

Linda: Thank you so much! An interesting fact might be that I play bass in a band called Death in The Afternoon ( By the end of February we're going to Paris to play live, which is going to be fantastic! I will probably visit some pâtisseries.. and maybe Ladurée. ;-)


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Isn't she divine? We are huge fans too!


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Beautiful! I love that she is self-taught! So inspiring!

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