"60 Sweet Years"

We have not been advertising that we do custom illustrations. However, we have been getting a lot of requests for them! One request we got recently we just could not resist! Our customer, Katie's mom was turning 60, and she wanted to do something really special for her! Her mom is an artist and loves everything vintage, loves Anthropolgie and loves flowers! So we took all of that into consideration and came up with an illustration for her! We were so excited that she loved it, but even more excited about what she wanted to do with it! We created 5x8 note cards that read "60 Sweet Years! As we celebrate Judi's 60th year, these are the memories I hold most dear!" Katie is using these to send to all of her mom's closest friends and family, so they can write their fondest memories and Katie is going to create a book for mom with all of the cards! Isn't that so sweet!?!
We also made some really fun cupcake flags (and one special one for her mom), a printed illustration to frame and a letter garland that read, "60 Sweet Years"! This was a really fun project and we are so glad that we got the opportunity to create something so special for someone so special!


P√Ętisserie Paris said...

What a great idea!

Love the new-looking cupcake flags by the way :)

Bloom said...

I love this- how special for her to have these custom made cards, flags, and garland. Simply gorgeous- you both are so talented. Way to go.

Janelle said...

This is so awesome!! Everything came together so beautifully, and it is such a special, thoughtful gift from daughter to mother. Love it!!!

courtney heinze said...

made with so much love. you girls are too sweet and thoughtful! love you!!

Katie said...

I am the lucky recipient of these gorgeous items and of course they exceeded my expectations!! I can't wait to put the party together and give this gift of your talent and beautiful work to my mom! Thank you so much!!!

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