Sweetiepie NYC

Ok, WHY do we not have a place like this near us!?! Have you ever heard of Sweetiepie in the West Village of NYC? Well, we guess our post on this is a bit overdue, because they have since closed...we hear they are looking to relocate. But, we just had to share this place with you anyways! This is basically an overly-whimsical restaurant for chic moms to take their kids! This is no McDonalds ladies! This place is pretty glamorous, with marble floors, mirrored walls, pink sofa seating and downright gorgeous details! You can even reserve a giant wrought iron birdcage to sit in that seats 6! Sweetiepie was known for its amazing desserts and kid's tea parties! It's almost like Alice in Wonderland meets Willy Wonka! We know our girls would adore this place, but I think Kellie and I would adore it even more ;) So, until Sweetiepie opens its doors again, we will sit and dream of something like it opening up here!


Ceilidh Smith said...

Are you serious? It closed?!? I heard about it and wanted to go on my next trip to NYC!! It looked like such a super cute place to eat. Do update us when it reopens!

A little girl I know saw Tyra Banks eating there on her last visit to NYC.

Icing Designs said...

I know! Kellie and I were hoping to go there when we are in NY next week! To bad! We will update when they reopen! Your the best Ceilidh...hope you had a great holiday!!! xoxo

pinkstilettos said...

Gorgeous...too bad its closed down! I love to go there!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I cant believe it closed, I could imagine people queing round the block to get in! so Alison in wonderland why did it close?

Anonymous said...

Do you know any other places in Manhatten similar to sweetiepie?

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