Easy Cookie Gift Idea

Good Monday morning! Today, we wanted to share a quick gift idea with you. Do you ever just need a hostess gift or a small gift to give but just don't know what to bring?!? We love giving baked goods as gifts wrapped up all pretty and we are pretty sure that people love receiving homemade baked gifts. Here is a quick way to turn plain cookies into a sweet, lovely gift! All you need is your cookie, satin ribbon, cello bags and an embellishment and maybe even an Icing Designs gift tag!

Just put your cookie in your cello bag, you may have to pull the excess bag around the back and add a small piece of tape to hold it closed. Then take a satin ribbon and tie it closed.

Then just take your embellishment, we choose a glittered snowflake, and tie it on with a thinner complimentary ribbon. And there you have it...these make such pretty gifts as a single cookie or you can create a beautiful bakset full of many of them!

You can even add a gift tag and write a little note! An Icing Designs gift tag of course ;)


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