Trick Or Treat

Good Monday Morning! Hope you all had a great weekend!!! We had a fun day of trick or treating with the kiddos yesterday! We have a great week planned for you, we will be getting the photos back from our first Icing Designs photo shoot and can't wait to share them with you, we will also be releasing our vintage French holiday line! Today we thought we would share a few of our trick or treating photos with you and quick DIY project.

Kellie decided to make Leela a little Tinkerbell costume out of tooling and ribbon this year. The tooling dress looked so sweet that I decided to make little pink ones for the twins. The dresses are not only so sweet but they are so easy to make and will be fun for the girls to dress up in all year round! All you need is a few spools of tooling spools, elastic, ribbon and any embellishments that you would like to use. Just measure the elastic under your little girl's arms around the bust. Then just sew the ends of the elastic together. Put the elastic band back on and measure from the elastic down as long as you would like the dress to be. (We used two different tooling shades, one pink and one shimmered silver). After all of your strips are cut alternate tying the tooling onto the dress until there is no elastic showing.

After the tooling is all ties on you can embellish how ever you like. I decided to add a decorative ribbon around the top. I simply glued it on with a glue gun.

Now you can just put the dress back on your little girl and mark where you would like to put the ribbon straps.
Again you can simply hot glue the straps on in the front, make sure you make the ribbon long enough to tie in the back. Then I just added some rose buds in the front where the ribbon was glued on.
If you have tooling left over you can even make a little hair clip.


Ceilidh said...

Oh my gosh! So adorable. You girls are so creative...I wish I had that gene!

Heather {WhipperBerry} said...

Lovely, lovely!! I made one of those tutus too.
Can't wait for you new holiday line. I may be the fist in line to purchase!!

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