Etsy Thursday

As you may know we love vintage and we love Paris! So we thought for our second Etsy Thursday we would give you all a little vintage Paris combination! Enjoy!

From left to right:
Twigs and Honey Special Occasion Crown
Yvette Inufio I Love Paris Prints
Ouma Blushing in Pink
Irene Suchocki Paris is for Lovers
Black Satin Shoes Pink Cluster Shoe Clips
Teacup Designs Hand Stamped Ribbon
Toy Breaker Screenprinted Tie
Little Oven Assorted Macaron Box
Eclu Zinfandel


lovetheday said...

You are my type of gals! I love, love, love this! In fact, just facebooked about it. What a great inspiration board.

Whitney said...

I completely love this! One of the girls that I've teamed up with for my blog went to Paris last year. All of her pictures make me want to go sooooooo badly.

Thanks for sharing!

Ceilidh said...

I <3 Paris!!

Tina said...

I love everything Paris! Great post.

Cassie said...

Those macaroons look yummy!

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