Molly's Cupcakes

Last week I spent an incredible day in the city with my girls visiting the Lincoln Park Zoo, shopping at American Girl and my favorite, visiting Molly’s Cupcakes. I have always wanted to visit Molly’s Cupcakes – they have such a sweet story behind their shop but most recently after watching an episode of Cupcake Wars for the first time I really wanted to go. One of Molly’s Pastry Chefs won!
At Molly’s Cupcakes you can order one of their classic cupcakes, pick your frosting and then put your own sprinkles on the cupcake at the sprinkle station. Or, you can order one of their center-filled cupcakes. I have to say that, yes, their cupcakes are as good as they look. YUM!

Leela’s mini cupcake!
Annabella enjoyed a Cookies n’ Cream Cupcake, sooo good!
I enjoyed a Cookie Monster Cupcake. The best of two world, a yummy cupcake with a buttery chocolate chip cookie dough filling—Heavenly!
I brought a Tiramisu Cupcake home for my husband, lucky guy.
Please visit
Molly’s website and read their sweet story and drool over their awesome flavor selection! I hope to visit again soon, hopefully with Melissa.


Lindsay said...

Those look delicious! But to pretty to eat!

Anonymous said...

Oh those look so yummy! And the cookie dough one sounds just amazing!

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