Inspirational Women's Week: Vicky from The City Cradle

We are so excited about this week! We are going to be celebrating the some of the most amazing women who have showered us with inspiration. Today we are thrilled to have Vicky, from The City Cradle. Not only is Vicky the mother of sweet twins and an amazing event designer she is kind, passionate, encouraging and talented. Vicky has inspired us in so many ways from her faith to her mothering to her gorgeous parties to her inventive DIY projects. When you visit her blog you will be amazed at her creativity! Welcome Vicky and thank you so much for being part of this special week with us!

Icing Designs: Who are some of the people that have inspired you as you were getting your start?

Vicky: I am inspired everyday by amazing women both online and off.
A few of the online places where I find inspiration include -
I have also been blessed to get to know a handful of lovely women here where I live who have lent massive doses of inspiration to me-

Icing Designs: Where do you draw inspiration from now?

Same as above! The women I looked to a year ago are still amazing, and still blazing the trail ahead in front of me!

Icing Designs: What is one of the most inspirational projects you have worked on?

I am currently in the middle of a challenge to myself to plan 30 parties this year before I turn 30. It has been an incredible project for me, I've learned more about myself and have had more doors open in the past few months than ever before. Mainly because I just started doing it, putting myself out there and designing. Within the 30x30 project, the recent Sherbert and Spice party could possibly have been on of the most inspiring designs I have ever seen to production. I honestly loved every detail of the party!

Icing Designs: How would you like to inspire others?

I post at The City Cradle about the inspiration, the design details and multiple DIY projects for each one of my parties. I love to inspire others not just with great party design but also with the tools and easy steps to recreate celebrations that will make wonderful memories for their family and friends.
A few of my favorite projects so far have been:
* The pink princess birthday hat

* The recent homemade ice cream favors (This was seen on Style Me Pretty...way to go Vicky!)

* The twitter banner I created last year for the babies 1st birthday, it was so incredibly special to see all our tweets about them throughout the year as we celebrated their birthday

* I am also extremely fond of the felt circle chandelier we just produced and I loved how the circles twirled in the wind above our cake table

Wow Vicky, we just love admiring your work! Thank you so much for sharing with us! Here are few additional creations of Vicky's that we couldn't resist sharing. Fabric cupcake flags

Bike wreath with plastic flowers

A perfect pair, coffee and tea tasting bar. Oh how we adore this party! From the purple and gray color scheme to the clever theme and beautiful bottles all set up for the perfect afternoon!

Sherbert and Spice Ice Cream Party....this is one sweet party! It is so charming and has such an old fashioned vintage feel to it! Vicky did an amazing job on this party and everything came together so beautifully!


Dana Gaiser said...

OMG!! I'm obsessed with all your projects Vicky!! They're exactly the colors I love!! Good luck with the 30 parties - from these pics, I think you're ready for the undertaking!!

gal said...

all of your pictures are just amazing. great stuff. i've been an artist and *crafter* for years. i also make some very pretty candy for all occasions. your work is amazing!!! good luck with everything.

Tina said...

I LOVE your work Vicky! Thank you so much for sharing! My favorite is the Sherbert and Spice Ice Cream Party! :)

Vicky said...

Thanks girls for the sweet comments- you make me blush! And thanks so much Melissa and Kellie for the wonderful chance to inspire you:)

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