Inspirational Women's Week: Jessica from Joyfolie

We are having so much fun this week and hope that you are really enjoying all of these amazing women's stories! Today we are elated to have a new friend of ours, Jessica from Joyfolie! You may have seen a past post we did about her here. We are not exaggerating when we say our jaws literally dropped when we came across her site! Jessica's story is a bit of a fairytale....and so are her items! If you have children, especially girls you will be filled with joy as you look through the most gorgeous little shoes and clothes you have ever laid your eyes on! Jessica never set out to start a business. She used to teach college writing and on whim sold a pair of handmade shoes that she has made for Mia, her daugheter, on Etsy. Her business took off quickly and unexpectedly from there. Most all of Joyfolie's items are still handmade by Jessica herself, and a small staff of stay-at-home moms! They are made with environmentally responsible items, such as organic cottons and recycled rubber. Jessica's items are in such high demand they normally sell out within minutes of her listing them. Jessica is so eloquent, classy and she has such a wonderful perspective on life and faith, which happens to be very important to Kellie and I as well. She is genuine and very personable, we have already shared some in depth conversations and thoughts with her and it feels like talking to an old friend. Jessica is also a beautiful photographer and writer. Her blog is full of lovely thoughts and dreamy photos. Jessica's sense of style and color and overwhelming to us, just look at her creations! Every single item that Jessica creates is exquisite! She is also incredibly generous as she gives 10% of her profits to Giving Children Hope, which is a non-profit organization that refurbishes medical equipment. Thank you so much Jessica for sharing with us today! We are so overjoyed that our paths have crossed!

This is Jessica, is she not stunning!!

This is Jessica's daughter Mia, stunning as well right!!

Icing Designs: Who are some of the people that inspired you as you were getting your start?

Jessica: Just to clarify, I never set out to start my own business, so it wasn't as though I began with those aspirations. I opted to have my daughter, Mia, at a birth center, and a the birth center { } asked if they could photograph my experience and use it in their marketing. I thought this was an odd request at first, but then I saw the photographer's portfolio and was inspired by the beautiful way that she captured life. It inspired me to see beauty in every day, to capture it, to share it, be creative. My business was just an avenue of that expression.
Icing Designs: Where do you draw inspiration from now?

Jessica: Emotionally, I draw my inspiration from my faith. I believe we are all given callings, and this is mine. When owning a business, it is difficult, almost impossible, to live a balanced life. I went almost a year with a 3 am bedtime and have worked harder than I ever have in my life; it's not easy, and I have been tempted to quit at almost every stage in the development process. However, when I pray, I feel a certainty, a rightness, if you will, that continues to propel me forward. I also dream on a regular basis about what my ideal life would look like, and then I work backwards, mapping out a plan with as many specifics as possible. Because owning a business is so consuming, I also feed my inspired soul from a variety of creative sources: professional photography blogs, beautiful local shops, a nature walk with my children. I keep a journal and jot down notes and sketches of all the things that I find beautiful. I refer back to those when I design.

Icing Designs: What is one of the most inspirational projects you have worked on?

Jessica: I don't really view my company in terms of "projects". But I do give 10% of my profits to a charitable organization.

Icing Designs: How would you like to inspire others?

Jessica: Too often we get buried in the mundane details of life and find ourselves unassumingly unsatisfied. I hope to inspire others, especially mothers of young children, to think beyond circumstances and conventions and into their dreams. Sometimes all we need to do is give ourselves freedom to take a little time contemplate how we want our lives to be. The problem is that too often we view our dreams not as tangible goals, but in nebulous concepts akin to winning the lottery. The more we can put specifics on our aspirations, the better chance we have of manifesting them. I hope to inspire others, especially women, to be pragmatic in pursuing an inspired life.


Anonymous said...

How amazing is Jessica?! Those sweet little shoes are a must have for any little girl. I'm excited that I have finally found a go-to designer when I need little girl accessories. Keep up the beautiful work and inspiring ideas and designs.


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