I think our jaws dropped on the ground when we came across Joyfolie’s blog, Etsy site and website! Joyfolie was formally named Mia Joie and is the business of the amazingly talented Jessica Haley! She offers unique and often one of a kind items, such as shoes, boots, clothing and accessories. Most all of Joyfolie's items are still handmade by Jessica herself, and a small staff of stay-at-home moms! They are made with environmentally responsible items, such as organic cottons and recycled rubber. If that is not enough, 10% of Joyfolie's profits go to Giving Children Hope, which is a non-profit organization that refurbishes medical equipment. We are literally smitten with all of Joyfolie's items, advertisements and Jessica herself! There is no possible way that we could even choose just one item to share with you! Visit her sites and you will be swept away to a dreamland!


Jessica Haley said...

Thanks for the feature! You have a lovely blog--fresh and inspiring.


very married said...

i completely agree - that little girl's belt is so adorable!

Unknown said...

These are the sweetest little shoes ever! I want a pair for my daughter!

Jim Rhodes said...

You want me to check theit website? Okay, I will do that. You should visit my webpage later then. I think it will be fair.

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