Flirty Cupcakes

OH MY GOODNESS! How did we NOT know about this fabulous cupcake van! It's right in our backyard, Chicago! Flirty Cupcakes bakes 7 varieties of cupcakes each week along with 1 special flavor! All the cupcakes are baked fresh each day and come in amazingly delicious flavors like; chocolate with peanut butter ganache, chocolate with a cream cheese and chocolate filling and vanilla with Italian buttercream! Then they drive around in their van selling to cupcake lovers! We just adore this idea! I can see Kellie and I running after their van to get our cupcake fix! Follow Flirty Cupcakes on Facebook and Twitter for their daily route!


Lindsay said...

Oh my gosh those look delicious :)

pinkstilettos said...

Yummy...Love the name of the company too!

Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw this post I began following them on Twitter and Facebook!! I hope they make it out by us one day!! Their cupcakes sound delicious!!

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