Cupcake Couture Part 1

Last winter Kellie and I started talking about creating a really posh line that we could kick off the summer with. Kellie came up with the idea of Cupcake Couture! I immediately fell in love! We love our “Candy Brides” and “Sweet Baby Mommas”, but we really wanted to create a line with some high fashion cupcake lovin' ladies! Of course, to keep in our style they had to have both a French and vintage flair to them!
We didn't want to just show you our new designs; we thought it would be fun to walk you through our work process as well. So today we are just going to show you some of the inspiration we found before we started illustrating and creating our "Cupcake Couture" line. Hope you enjoy!

Photo credits: French Blue, L'Officiel Brasil x2, I believe the first two in the second sequence are Merci New York, if anyone needs to correct me please do so, French Blue, Elizabeth Messina (,Vanity Faire Magazine, (Twigs and Honey headpieces), Merci New York

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Anonymous said...

What a tease!!! I can't wait to see the new line!!!!

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